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BirthFemale; About 1787
DeathAbout 1795, age about 8; Cuddington, Oxfordshire UK
Death MemoSee notes
ResidenceUnited Kingdom

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The following paragraph in Henry Boddington's 'Record' suggests a further sister of his father, John, for none of the known children fits the description:

"I may now mention an incident which, so far as I know, was never alluded to in my father's presence. He was engaged in carrying hay from a meadow on the Chearsley side of the river and a young sister was returning by a pathway through this meadow. As she came up to the waggon loaded with hay she said to my father, "Oh, John, do let me ride." She was about eight years old. My father, the eldest of his family was about eighteen years old. He took up his young sister, put her on the back of the middle horse in a team of three. In going over a dry ditch the horse shied; the poor girl fell off, the waggon went over and she was taken up dying or dead. My father was appalled. He never alluded to this sad accident nor was it ever spoken of in his presence.".

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