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BirthFemale; 1879; Kings Norton, Worcestershire UK
Death 1960, age about 81; Gloucester, UK
Residence'Metchley', Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom

Clare BODDINGTON (b.1879)


Married, 1902
BirthMale; 4 Aug 1873; Lindley, Huddersfield, South Riding, Yorkshire UK
Death1 Nov 1928, age 55; London UK
Residence'Metchley', Frome, Somerset, United Kingdom
Marriage 3 Jun 1902, Parish church, Edgbaston, Birmingham [271]
Children (2):Frederick Henry Boddington 'Sonny' (1903 - 1965)
Philip Boddington

Notes for Clare BODDINGTON

Name - I thought for a long time that her name was Clara. However, I now know it to have been Clare with a nickname of Clara. [269]

Notes for Frederick Arthur SHAW

I have the visitors book from his home, 'Metchley', dated 14th September 1902 with a last entry made on 6th October 1906, see [269]

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