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BirthMale; 1 Jun 1850
Death 1936, age about 85
OccupationWoollen merchant - Samuel Boddington & Sons Ltd of 21 Cannon Street, Birmingham UK
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
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Samuel BODDINGTON JP (b.1850)


Married, 1872
ResidenceUnited Kingdom
MotherNot recorded

The nine Boddington family children at home

Marriage About Jun 1872
Children (9):Nellie Elizabeth (1874 - )
Arnold John (1876 - 1929)
Elsie (1877 - )
Clare (1879 - 1960)
Leonard 'Uncle Len' William (1880 - 1965)
Ida Harriet (Died in childhood) (1882 - 1898)
Ralph Thomas (1883 - 1917)
Gladys Mary (1885 - ~1967)
Guy Livingstone (1891 - 1916)

Notes for Samuel BODDINGTON JP

Of Solihull, Warwickshire, UK. Samuel lived at Hillfield Hall, Solihull, built in the 15th century and is a listed building now converted to apartments, as is the adjoining stable block. Samuel moved c.1917 to Widney Manor Farm about two miles up the road; he extended the original cottages and named them The Chase. He bred shire horses and hunting dogs there until his death in 1936. Samuel was a member of the North Warwickshire Hunt. His groom and chaufeur was a man called Hart whose son later established the motor repair garage and petrol pump in Claverdon village (where I, the webmaster, was brought up).

The Chase was bought by Captain Oliver Bird MC in 1937, he being from the Birds Custard family.

Samuel's great grandson, Simon Boddington, began work at Samuel Boddington & Sons Ltd of 21 Cannon Street and continues in this trade, though not the company, into the 21st century.

The full picture of Samuel Boddington on his horse is shown on his web page - click the link above.

Samuel's comments appear in his daughter Clare's domestic Visitor Book, see [269] [269]

Notes for Elizabeth Mary PASK HUGHES

The picture shows the nine children of Samuel & Elizabeth. See the history web page (link above) for more on this picture.

Family notes for Samuel BODDINGTON JP and Elizabeth Mary PASK HUGHES

The 1911 census shows the family living at Hillfield Hall, Solihull. They had their own page in the census (146). Present in the house on that day were Samuel, wife Elizabeth Mary, daughter Nellie Elizabeth, son Leonard William, son Guy Livingstone, and three staff, cook, housemaid and chamber maid. [305]

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