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Married: 24 Feb 1792; St George's church, Bloomsbury, London UK [265]
Divorced: 1798
bd. 19 Jun 1766
dd. 19 Apr 1843, age 76
occ. MP for Tralee, Ireland
Later in business as Boddington, Sharp and Philips
bd. 17 Sep 1774
dd. 10 Feb 1812, age 37
brd. Chorley, Lancashire UK
Spouses: 1, 2




Family notes for Samuel BODDINGTON and Grace ASHBURNER

It was remarked as a true love story, Samuel having nearly snatched her off a ship en route to India to join her father, in order to marry her (with her father's consent, she being a minor).

They had two children Grace Boddington, born sometime between Feb 1792 and June 1797, and Samuel, according to some newspaper reports, although others suggest more than two. [265]

The children of this marriage lived with the Morgan family for several years following the breakup of the marriage. Several members of the Ashburner family were live-in students of Richard Price Morgan's father, George Morgan. When the Morgans left for America the Boddington children remained in the UK with their father. [309],[310]

Divorce notes for Samuel BODDINGTON and Grace ASHBURNER

He divorced her. See notes for Grace's second husband, Benjamin, for the full and scandalous story!

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